Book Appearances The following is a list of characters in The Hunger Games trilogy, a series of young adult science fiction novels by Suzanne Collins that were later adapted into a series of four feature films. During the training, Marvel shows a great and deadly skill of throwing spears in the gym. It is left to Katniss and Peeta to coax him back to health and get him more liquor. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found … Whether these assertions are true or not is left up to interpretation by Katniss. He is also known for his kindness and generosity. Though seemingly laid-back, his demeanor hides a sadistic and psychopathic mind. In the book, his most notable victim was Rue. A number of features of the Hunger Games shown in the trilogy are revealed to be invented by Snow, either as a mentor or a gamemaker, namely the sponsoring of and betting on tributes, the Victors' Village, the Games being compulsory viewing, and payments for a victor's district. Il était le 3e carrière le plus solide. On the first night of the Games, his friend Sejanus Plinth infiltrates the arena to administer funeral rites to a tribute, and Dr. Gaul forces Coriolanus to enter the arena and bring him out. Katniss takes care of him after the whipping and they share a kiss. Alive. During his interviews, he seemed to be going for a comedic approach, most likely to appeal to more sponsors. He drank the poison in order to allay suspicions, then took the antidote, but resulted in bloody sores in his mouth. Due to the nature of this Hunger Games simulator, we require all users to be 13 years or older. As a "Career" tribute, he's trained his entire life to compete in these games. Katniss Everdeen known as "the girl on fire" is the main protagonist in the Hunger Games. Since then, he is known as the "boy with the bread" to Katniss. He notices the District 7 female on the ground, so he chases her and strikes her in the heart with a spear, killing her. The pink outfits were quite stunning and Marvel and his partner Glimmer are seen dressed in bright pink outfits in the first chariot of the parade. After this incident, Katniss begins to develop a true affection and respect for him. Lors des 74èmes Hunger Games, il faisait partie du pack des carrières avec sa partenaire de district, Glimmer. As a result, Haymitch suffers from alcohol withdrawal. Disclaimer-Disclaimer Options Help Report Bug Modify Events. Marvel made an alliance with Glimmer, Cato, Clove, Peeta, the District 3 male, and the District 4 female (book), to form a typical career alliance which includes two non-Careers (Peeta and the District 3 male). She presumably spent most of her life training for the games and due to this, she most likely volunteered for the 74th Hunger Games. As the war progresses, she comes to realize the rebel leader, President Alma Coin, is no less ruthless and power-driven than Snow. See more ideas about Marvel, Marvel jokes, Funny marvel memes. Op 11 september 2012 is Lionsgate begonnen met het verfilmen van het tweede boek in de reeks getiteld Catching Fire. She marries him, but it is fifteen years until she is ready to have children. He stumbled through drunken fatalism and bemused curiosity all while teaching his new pupils his tricks. Primrose ("Prim") Everdeen is Katniss's younger sister. Marvel was born in District 1, one of the wealthiest districts of Panem, and trained most of his life for the Hunger Games, specializing in spears. District 2. In the Quarter Quell, he volunteers to replace Haymitch Abernathy as the male tribute from District 12, so that he can protect Katniss in the arena. When Prim is "reaped" (chosen by lottery) as a "tribute" who must fight twenty-three other tributes to the death in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers to take her place. He was one of the career tributes, and Katniss' third kill. He watches his district partner, Glimmer kill the District 6 female, then attacks the District 10 male. This year seems no different for Katniss Everdeen, until her younger sister, Prim, is called to participate. Dr. Gaul says that she had arranged for his assignment as a Peacekeeper, with the intent that it would be temporary and educational. She is too prominent to kill, but he threatens her family and Gale unless she proves to the Districts that her act of saving Peeta was merely that of a love-crazed teenager and was not related to any desire to defy the Capitol. Coriolanus "Coryo" Snow is the main character of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which is set when he is aged 18. Also, he decides to team up with the Careers and misleads them about Katniss. Learn how and when to remove this template message, an aquatic plant with edible underwater tubers, "Catching Fire discussion questions (Chapters One through Five)", "The Last Battle: With 'Mockingjay' on its way, Suzanne Collins weighs in on Katniss and the Capitol",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from March 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 January 2021, at 11:02. Save Load Season Your History Save Statistics. Katniss takes the knife that Clove tried to kill her with at the Bloodbath (in the book it is mentioned that it is serrated near the handle, making it handy for sawing things) out of her backpack and while the Careers are distracted by the anthem, partially destroys the branch that held the tracker jacker nest. He is assigned to mentor the female tribute from District 12, Lucy Gray Baird. He dies at the end of Mockingjay, after Katniss shoots President Coin instead of him at his own public execution, and he laughs maniacally at the irony of said assassination. When finally given the chance to execute Snow, Katniss kills Coin instead. In Mockingjay, Gale fights in the rebellion in an epic war. He then interrupts a battle between the District 3 male and the District 7 female over a backpack by taking it away. Realizing that it will be difficult to attack her, he and the other Careers form a camp below her. The survivors are forced to move to what is left of District 13. In the film, Marvel is shown to kill two tributes in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. She is not seen again after this, although it is unclear whether she was killed by Snow, or she ran away. 1 #76 and was created by Howard Mackie. At age 17, he obviously volunteers for the 74th Games and travels with his district partner, Glimmer, to to the Capitol. The Hunger Games (film)Catching Fire (film) "Well it is called the Hunger Games." by VioletTiger. As the only surviving victor from District 12 (one of only two in the history of the Games), Haymitch has been forced to mentor all of its tributes, which consumed him with guilt by being obligated to participate in the Games that he hated. His skills include physical strength, personal charm and charisma, public speaking, baking, and painting. Before and during the Hunger Games, the head gamemaker, Dr. Gaul, takes a personal interest in his education and assigns him to write a number of essays. He rises on the pedestal next to Clove and Katniss. She spots his family, and she tries to not look them in the eye. He mentions that he would always remind Katniss of Prim's death, which Katniss silently agrees with. Katniss will do anything to survive, even if she may have to go against her own moral standards. They are attacked by a number of tributes, one of whom Coriolanus kills in self-defense. He returns to the place they parted, and hearing her singing nearby, shoots a volley of bullets in all directions. Within two weeks of his victory, Haymitch's mother, younger brother, and girlfriend were all killed by President Snow as punishment for Haymitch using the force field to his advantage. Marvel and Glimmer in their parade costumes. Occupation By TheHalfBloodPrincess Ongoing - Updated Jun 04, 2012 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. District 3. The rebels are unable to determine whether the cause of death was by choking on his own blood from his untreated mouth sores or because he was trampled by the mob in the panic following President Coin's assassination. The Hunger Games Each year, for 74 years, the Hunger Games have taken place, forcing 24 children from 12 districts between the ages of 12-18 to kill each other as punishment for the rebellion initiated by District 13. They wait for night to see the faces of those who were killed, but when they find that the tribute did not die, the Careers then set out to hunt the other tributes. In the film, Marvel has 5-1 odds, just like, Marvel received the same training score as. President Snow is described as having very puffy lips, which are most likely the result of an appearance-altering operation that is very popular in the Capitol. After the District 8 male attempts to stab or punch him, Marvel slashes his throat with his kukri knife, throws him onto the ground, and then uses the knife to stab him until he dies. Community Contributor. In Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta go to District 1 on their Victory Tour. The backpack held some knives, two extra spear heads, a flashlight, a small leather pouch, and a first-aid kit. Home Gender Marvel distracted by Rue's fire along with Cato and Clove. Towards the end of the book, his relationship with Katniss deteriorates because he feels responsible for the death of Prim, Katniss's sister (caused by a bomb he had constructed). If you are under 13, you agree to have parental guidance due to the violent nature. Matt Smith will portray the character in the live-action film Morbius which is part of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. In the second book, Catching Fire, Katniss returns to District 12, but their relationship cannot continue as it was, since Katniss and Peeta must play the part of lovers due to threats from the Capitol. Comment. After Marvel and the other Careers recovered from their tracker jacker stings, they began to hunt for more tributes. In the film, Katniss reaches Rue first and cuts the net. He kills also the District 7 female by skewering her with his spear while she was on the ground. However, Haymitch's strategy was to wait for his opponent to fling her weapon at him, then he would duck and the force field would hurl it back at her. This leads Katniss to kill Coin instead of Snow. Rue removed her spear but already lost a significant amount of blood. The Hunger Games (2012) Jack Quaid as Marvel. The only time Katniss can sleep without nightmares is when she is being held in Peeta's arms. He successfully did that by trapping Rue with a net when she was on her way to light the last fire she and Katniss planned to light. Marvel and Clove calm Cato down, and tell him that the tribute who destroyed their supplies was probably killed as well in the explosion. The Hunger Games Katniss never knew his name, until the victory tour after the games. The Hunger Games, (Katniss' Hunger Games) from the perspective of Marvel's girlfriend.. Marvel comes from District 1 and has been training for his entire life to win the Hunger Games. He was the male tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games and a member of the Career pack. Katniss points out that they both looked very luxurious. He is said to have prostituted winning tributes, like Finnick Odair, forcing them to have sex with wealthy Capitol citizens, under threat of killing their loved ones if they refused. Peeta's favorite color is orange, like the sunset, not like Effie's hair. While at university, he interns as a gamemaker under Dr. Gaul. The Boys star Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie Campbell in the Amazon Prime series, has apologised for killing Rue in The Hunger Games where he played Marvel. This promise guides many of Katniss's actions in the game, and Katniss's sacrifice for Prim makes her a popular symbol in the Capitol, prompting Johanna to note that the Capitol cannot afford to threaten Prim to get to Katniss because of the potential outcry. In the second installment Catching Fire, she is forced to fight in the next year's Hunger Games, an especially brutal edition known as the Quarter Quell which occurs every 25 years. When the wolf muttations of the fallen tributes appeared chasing Cato, Marvel's was one of the pack, with brown fur and being particularly taller and skinnier than the other mutts. As punishment for their indiscretions, he and Sejanus are sent to District 12 to serve as Peacekeepers. Portrayed by Which "Hunger Games" Character Are You Most Like? Katniss states that Prim is "the only person I'm certain I love". Gale Hawthorne is a Seam resident boy who is two years older than Katniss and shares her hunting skill, dark hair, olive skin, and gray eyes. During the Games, he discovered a cliff at the edge of the Arena that concealed a force field, which would ricochet anything thrown in its direction. He trained his whole life for the Games. Glimmer was born in District 1, one of the wealthiest districts, and one that is known for producing Career tributes. Katniss skewers him in the heart with an arrow, killing him. Before Katniss leaves for the Capitol, Prim makes her promise to try hard to win the Games. In Mockingjay, Haymitch is forced to go through detox in District 13, as they do not permit the consumption of alcohol. During the final moments of the Games, a severely wounded Haymitch positioned himself by the edge of the force field to face his final opponent, a female tribute from District 1. Peeta grunts and doesn't look up. However, at the start of the games he ruthlessly killed at least two tributes, and later Rue, a twelve year old girl. Now to bring in the great super heroes of the Marvel universe! Once only 8 tributes remained, he killed Rue, although he meant for his spear to hit Katniss. Peeta rolls his eyes and goes back to sharpening his spear in the light of the fire. It feeds on whole realities. However, when the careers find this out, Peeta fights with them to save Katniss and is severely wounded. Gale comforts her afterward but she keeps quiet about what she saw. Marvel: 5 Heroes Who'd Win The Hunger Games (& 5 Who'd Come Close) Whether or not these Marvel Heroes would willingly volunteer, they'd certainly put up a good fight were they ever to be picked for the Hunger Games. When Katniss discovers Haymitch and his allies from District 13 and the Capitol failed to save Peeta from the arena as they did her, she claws him in the face. In the film, he kills Rue the same way in the book, but throws his spear into her abdomen after Katniss cuts Rue out of the net. Afterwards, Gale decides to remain in District 2. Like most careers, he has a favored weapon, a spear. Her favorite color is green, because of her familiarity with the forest. Katniss believes this is a ploy to gain the support of sponsors to help them survive the Games. Prim is killed in a bombing, sending Katniss into a deep depression. Share Share Tweet Email. By Brian Sheridan Sep 08, 2020. The character first appeared in Spider-Man #76 vol. In the land of Marvel, the all-powerful Capitol punish the twelve outlying districts for a rebellion enacted twenty-four years ago, forcing their children to compete in the barbaric Hunger Games: twenty-four children, under the age of eighteen, fight to the death until only one still stands. Editor’s Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. This is the story of the twenty-fourth Hunger Games. However, when Katniss confronts him, he is stirred from his stupor and emerges as the pair's greatest advocate, impressed by her determination and Peeta's patience. Career Tribute In the movie, Glimmer and Marvel wore fuchsia outfits belted out in sequins and feathers, representing their District industry, luxury. Snow returns to District 12, and finds out he has been selected for officer training. Since she was a career tribute and stronger than Haymitch, she was favored to win the encounter. In the book, Katniss witnesses this and shoots him through the neck. [2] He comes from The Seam and is described as having similar physical characteristics to Katniss and Gale: dark hair and olive skin; in the Hunger Games movies, he is portrayed with blond straight hair and blue eyes. In the film, he kills Rue the same way in the book, but throws his spear into her abdomen after Katniss cuts Rue out of the net. Haymitch became an example of what happens to anyone who would defy the Capitol. The Hunger Games : Marvel's Story 4.2K Reads 72 Votes 3 Part Story. Age-17 Occupation- Tribute Home- District 1 Gender-Male Height-6'3" Weapon- Spear Fate-Deceased Appearances-The Hunger Games Portrayed by-Jack Quiad More Information- Marvel was the male tribute from District 1 in the the 74th Hunger Games.As a Career Tribute, Marvel was strong and ruthless, yet overconfident.It is unknown if he volunteered or was reaped for the Games. Jul 16, 2015 - Marvel is a minor antagonist in The Hunger Games. Lucy Gray wins the games, in part, due to illicit assistance she receives from Snow: he helps her smuggle food into the arena, as well as a make-up compact filled with rat poison, which she uses to kill two other tributes. He was the male tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games and a member of the Career pack. In the book Catching Fire, the liquor supply in District 12 runs out. The Hunger Games is a book series written by Suzanne Collins. [3] He initially appears in The Hunger Games giving the official welcome at the opening of the Games, but he does not speak to Katniss face-to-face until Catching Fire when he pays her a visit at home and tells her he is angry that both she and Peeta were allowed to survive the Hunger Games, as their act of defiance (preferring joint suicide to the prospect of one killing the other) has ignited rebellion in several of the Districts. Nor did I imagine falling in love with a boy I will have to go againist in the brutal, vicious Hunger Games. In the film, Marvel is shown to kill two tributes in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. In the third installment, she becomes the Mockingjay, an inspirational symbol of a second civil war against the Capitol. Having been orphaned during the war, he lives with his grandmother and his cousin Tigris. Marvel The following is a list of characters in The Hunger Games novels, a series of young adult science fiction novels by Suzanne Collins that their main original trilogy was later adapted into a series of four feature films. Peeta is captured by the Capitol at the end of the Quarter Quell and submitted to 'hijacking', a process of torture and brainwashing which gives him a fear of Katniss and effectively turns him into an assassination weapon against her. Katniss hints of him having a girlfriend in District 2 and having moved on. She is a skilled healer, having been taught by her mother. It appears in the film he noticed her before any of his fellow careers do by yelling 'There she is!' It is also mentioned by Katniss that he might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but his size, brutality and capability with weapons made him an extremely deadly tribute. He is highly intelligent and is always thoughtful, balancing Katniss' impulsiveness. They are trapped in an arena, hidden cameras documenting their every move, for the entertainment of the nation. As part of the strategy, he confesses his love for Katniss on TV in order to make her look desirable so she would have sponsors. Alive. Gale confesses his love for Katniss after she asks him to run away with her. Nevertheless, during the 74th Victory Tour, she felt guilty for not knowing his name during the games. In The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide, it is mentioned that Marvel is "not the sharpest tool in the shed with his fists or brute force but sharp with spears and was properly the best from long distance. Fifteen years after the war, they have two children. During training in the film, he saw Peeta's weakness and viewed him as a "meal" until Peeta's true strength was revealed, by throwing a 100 pound metal ball at a rack of spears, leaving him and the other Careers surprised. Marvel è un antagonista minore inHunger Games.Era il tributo maschile del Distretto 1 nei 74esimi Hunger Gamese un membro deiTributi Favoriti. In a deleted scene, Marvel mentions that he volunteered for the Hunger Games. The actors who portray these characters are given in List of The Hunger Games cast members. She has long dark hair, olive skin, and gray eyes, which are given as a characteristic of residents of the coal mining region of District 12 known as "the Seam". He also seemed to have been aiming the spear at Katniss, until she dodged it and shot him in the heart. By Matthew Wilkinson 2 days ago. He is placed on a train, ostensibly bound for an officer training school, only to find himself in the Capitol. He is effectively adopted by Sejanus's father Strabo, who is unaware of the role he played in Sejanus's death and pays for Coriolanus's university fees. In the film, Katniss also has a brief hallucination to her killing Marvel as she is about to kill a turkey. Katniss describes him as exuding a smell of blood and roses.[5]. During the Games, Marvel (being a Career tribute) had medicine, food, water, and other supplies from the Cornucopia. Rue points out a tracker jacker nest hanging near her. President Coriolanus Snow is the main antagonist of the series, the autocratic ruler of the Capitol and all of Panem. Catching Fire In the movie, he has short light brown hair and green eyes. Marvel chuckles at himself, clearly amused with his little play on words. Marvel throws a spear and Katniss dodges it, but it hits Rue in her abdomen. Marvel and the others set out to find Rue, but after the supplies were destroyed by Katniss setting off the landmines, the Careers come back just as Katniss drags herself into Rue’s hiding place. Alive. Alive. Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Ava Dorn's board "Marvel / Hunger Games" on Pinterest. Hunger Games. During the opening ceremonies, he and Glimmer wear bright and studded clothes, representing their district industry, luxury. Jack Quaid. Marvel est né dans le District 1, l'un des quartiers les plus riches de Panem, et s'est formé la majeure partie de sa vie pour les Hunger Games, spécialisé dans les lances. Though their portrayal as cousins effectively satisfies the press from the Capitol, it makes both Katniss and Gale very uncomfortable on several occasions. MCU Villains, Ranked Least-Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games. When the gong rings, he runs to the Cornucopia to battle for supplies like most of the other tributes, and picks up a kukri. When she does finally have children they are a girl and a boy. Coriolanus follows her, only to walk into a trap she had laid for him. According to the movie, he was the second tallest tribute at 6'3, after Thresh at 6'6" (book), Marvel throws a spear with deadly accuracy, Marvel, along with Cato and Clove, target Peeta during training, The Careers react with surprise to Peeta's abilities, Caesar Flickerman announces Marvel's training score of nine, The tributes as they are carried to the arena by way of hovercraft, The Careers prepare to kill the District 8 female, The Careers observe Katniss from the ground, Marvel appears during one of Katniss's PTSD episodes. These supplies were blown up when Katniss destroyed the mines planted by the District 3 boy, and Marvel was left only with his spears and a backpack. Gale lives with his mother Hazelle and his three younger siblings (Rory, Vick, and Posy) after his father's death in the same mining accident that killed Katniss' father. Being from the Seam, Gale shares a slight resemblance to Katniss. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marvel helped the Careers chase Katniss up a tree. Marvel: Marvel is one of the tributes for the 74th Hunger Games. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Casca and Crassus fell out after developing the idea of the Hunger Games. His plan was successful, leaving Haymitch the victor. Whom is a previous winner of the games, but something is happening in the Capitol, something secret, something that could change the life's of the Career Tributes. During the first game, he carefully comes up with a strategy to protect Katniss. During the voting to decide whether the final Hunger Games will use the Capitol children, Haymitch votes yes, understanding Katniss's decision to make President Coin think she is on her side. Prim is kind, gentle, and sweet. Aux Jeux, Marvel s'est éloigné des Guêpes tueuses, mais Glimmer et la femme du District 4 ne l'ont pas fait, et ses chances étaient les mêmes que celles de Clove, ce qui en fait le troisième plus fort … 0. In the leadup to the Hunger Games, they develop feelings for each other, culminating in a goodbye kiss before she enters the arena. Marvel throwing a spear in the Training Center. During the opening ceremonies, Glimmer and him were spray painted silver and wearing tunics. [4] Later, Snow indicates to her that she failed in this, meaning that some or all of his threats will come true. Marvel has appeared in the following books: The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) [she shoots an arrow and misses] Alive. In a deleted scene, Marvel says that his dad is a hunter, which is a reason why he wants to be in the Hunger Games. He dealt with these feelings with alcohol and by openly flouting the dignity of the games. Male The Hunger Games Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Movie Appearances When District 12 was destroyed, Gale led approximately 10% of the population to safety. The two of them get caught up in a rebel plot which Sejanus is part of, and Coriolanus is forced to kill the Mayor's daughter, Mayfair Lipp, Lucy Gray's former rival in love, so she does not report them to the authorities. Weapon 1 Victims 1.1 The Hunger Games 1.2 Catching Fire 1.3 Mockingjay 2 Deaths District 8 male - Stabbed repeatedly by Marvel in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. After his victory, he became an alcoholic and has spent almost all of the next 24 years intoxicated. Katniss learns that Coin considers her expendable, staged a supposed Capitol atrocity which kills Prim, and after the war, calls for a final Hunger Games using the children of the Capitol war criminals. At the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games, Prim is chosen by lottery as the female "tribute" from District 12. Also, Katniss and Peeta both resent Haymitch for keeping information from both of them, sometimes at the request of the other. The Hunger Games is een Amerikaanse sciencefictionfilm uit 2012, gebaseerd op het gelijknamige boek van Suzanne Collins.De film ging in Nederland en België in première op 21 maart 2012. Katniss feels uncomfortable, as she was responsible for the deaths of both Marvel and Glimmer, Marvel's district partner. District 3 Male. ... Emilia Streak, to volunteer for my best friend for the 74th Hunger Games. In Mockingjay, it is revealed that the smell of blood is due to oral sores he incurred from one of the poisons that he used to kill people in his megalomaniacal efforts to control Panem.

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